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Maker Awards

Here are the winners of the inaugural We Are The Making, Maker Awards for innovation in entrepreneurship. The contenders are taken from entries in the Makers Inspiration twitter feed: @wearethemaking. Extra weighting is given to those who mix traditionally separate industries or collaborate with others in a new way in the pursuit of their ideas.

Winner in Music category
Richard Craig
for Inward

Winner in Product Design category
Mitz Takahashi
for Three Birds and a Cock

Winner in Best Promo Pack category
Kelli Anderson
for Paper Record Player

Winner in Photography category
Henry Hargreaves
for Subway Series

Winner in Technology category
for Little Printer

Winner in Typography category
Oded Ezer
for Plastica "Alef"

Winner in Architecture category
for Reindeer Pavilion

Winner in Economics category
MakerBot Industries
for Thingiverse

Winner in Community Action category
Friends of the High Line
for High Line Regeneration

Winner in Visual Arts category
for Dancing Hares

Winner in Sculpture category
Nathalie Miebach
for A Duet of Blizzards

Winner in Printed Word category
Seven On
for Seven on Austerity

Winner in Filmmaking category
for Robokopter